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F.A.S.T. Program
     (Flight Advancement & Safe Training Program 


 The F.A.S.T. Program is designed to get you to the            airlines in 18 months.

Flight Training using the FAST Program will see students earn the certificates and ratings required (Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi engine, Flight Instructor) and the HOURS needed to fly for a Regional Airline in as little as 18 months. 

Advancement Training  will allow our students, once they earn their Flight Instructor Certificate, be hired to train others making up to $100,000 per year.  They will also be able to complete a BS degree in Aviation Flight Technology ​during their down time.

Safe Training is our TOP PRIORITY!! All aspects of the program stress SAFE OPERATION!

Training Pilots in the most cost and time efficient way is our goal! The cost of the FAST Program is less than the cost of a single year at a flight university.  Student loans may be available for qualified students. 

Currently there is a major shortage of pilots worldwide, and it is going to grow to as many as 650,000 pilots worldwide over the next 20 years.

Spending 6 years and $250,000 to go the route of a flight college: or going the military route, is not going to meet this incredible need for pilots.

Skyway Leasing Inc has put together a team of veteran Aviation and Education experts that developed the Aviation FAST Program.  A high school Graduate can start as young as 17 years old, but will have to be 18 years old to earn their Flight Instructor Certificate, and 21 years old to earn their Restricted ATP Certificate to fly for a Regional Airline.


Students will be well trained to enter the Aviation profession as a pilot for a Regional Airline.


For more information, contact Coach Jim by text at 732-319-7833 

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