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Financing now available! As low as $250 down and $250 monthly! Call us today 863-660-1199!

The Airlines  

Flight Instruction 

Training courses developed by retired Aviation Professionals. Everything you need  to grow towards your goal of Captain. Minimize down time. Maximize training. 

This program is for ambitious goal oriented individuals. From start to CFI usually takes 6 months. We hire CFI's that we trained.

Time Building

Rent the plane dry. Fly all day and all night as you choose. Requirements are from the insurance company.
You must have at least a Private Pilot Certificate and 50 hours total time and aircraft check out. Exception is Beech Skipper. Our insurance requires 5 hours in Skipper prior to solo.  You must also have renters insurance with $20000 hull coverage.
Rates by the hour:
Cessna 150  per hour dry.            $70
Beech BE-77 per hour dry.           $70
Cessna 172 per hour dry.             $110

Cessna 172K per hour dry.          $110

Block time: no students
Cessna 150 dry  50 hrs per hour.  $60
Beech BE-77 dry 50 hrs per hour.  $60
Cessna 172 dry  50 hrs per hour.  $90
Cessna 172K dry 50 hrs per hour.  $90

Block Time: no students
Cessna 150 dry 25 hrs per hour.   $65
Beech BE-77 dry 25 hrs per hour. $65
Cessna 172 dry 25 hrs per hour.   $100
Cessna 172K dry 25 hrs per hour.  $100

About Skyway Leasing, Inc

Skyway Leasing Inc was developed because it was observed that so many flight schools today are only interested in the schools bottom line. While we understand that all businesses need to make a profit to stay valuable to their clients its also important to take an interest in the student and their goals.

We decided instead of purchasing new planes that our customers needs would be better served by utilizing the tried and true trainers that we all love and have flown.  Good radios, good mechanicals and decent paint make these planes a favorite with pilots.

Located in sunny Lakeland, Florida, with an average 300+ sunny days we are the perfect local flight school in Florida.


Built with professionalism, responsibility and love for aviation, Skyway Leasing is here to train pilots with FAA’s highest standards of training and safety.

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